Past Performances

(2011 - 2015) TYWO, University of Toronto Wind Symphony

Concerts: 2011 - 2015
Conductors - Colin Clarke, Jeff Reynolds, Tony Gomez

Performances: Toronto Youth Winds Orchestra (TYWO)

St. Michaels Performing Arts Centre
Queensway Cathedral - Production Play Christmas Calender - Advent Calendar Ensemble, Earnscliffe Step Team (Baritone Saxophone)
Toronto Centre for the Arts - U.S. Army Herald Trumpeters, Belle D'Arte Singers,  Rob Teehan - Canadian Premiere: Toronto Fanfare
Carnegie Hall - Wichita State University
St. Michaels Performing Arts Centre - Adis Rodriguez, Rodrigo Chavez

St. Michaels College Centre for Performing arts - Jana Starling, James David - Canadian Premiere: Auto 66
Living Arts Centre - Hammerson Hall, John De Meij (Guest Conductor) for own production play - Lord of the Rings Ballet.
New Horizons Tower - Special concert grand re- opening * Solo Clarinetist
Le Parc Conference Centre - Heather Bambrick, John Watson, Heather Shaw, Trudeau Singers, Breathe Dance
Le Parc Conference Centre - Neal Pupulin, Marquee Theatrical Productions
St. Michaels College Centre for Performing arts
Walt Disney Concert Hall - Alongside Atlanta youth Wind Symphony, Gwen Wyatt Chorale *Solo Clarinetist. Frank Ticheli (guest Artist)
Clint Eastwood Sound Stage - Universal Studios

Performances: University of Toronto - Wind Symphony / Clarinet Ensemble, University of Toronto Steel Pan / West African Dancing Ensemble

Edward Johnson Building
MacMillan Theatre (x16) - Claudia Oliviera, Great Canadian Brass, Howard Cable (guest Artist)

Walter Hall (x5) -
Word Ensembles Music Concert - Frederick Dunyo (Drum / Dance Director), Joe Cullen (Steel Pan director),
Clarinet Day - Clarinet Presenter Ensemble: James Campbell, Michele Jacot,
Joseph Orlowski, Steve Pierre, Richard Thomson with the Wychwood Clarinet Choir

Summary: TYWO - Wind Orchestra

My first Performance in a production play happened over the Christmas season with a group called Advent Calendar.  The production held at Queensway took place over three days - in a theatre that held over 2000 seats.    Another return to Toronto Centre for the Arts featured Barrack Obama's  Herald Trumpeters.  The Herald Trumpeters were founded in 1959, and are the official fanfare for the President of the United States! 

My first tour with TYWO orchestra, in 2011 took me to New York to perform at Carnegie Hall.  We performed Gustav Holst "The Planets" in honor of TYWO's 20th anniversary.  

Returning to St. Michaels College, Toronto, we performed with guest clarinetist, Jana Starling.  Her debut CD Inflexion (2007) earned her an east coast nomination for classical recording of the year.  She has performed in Clarinet-Fest as well as the Arizona Opera Company.  For the concert we also performed a Canadian premiere work:  Auto 66 by James David, featuring Jana.

Our next performance was at the Living Arts Centre in Hammerson Hall, Mississauga.  This was my second production play with special guest conductor of the original Lord of the Rings suite (not the film) Johan de Meij.   Lord of the Rings was performed by the London Symphony Orchestra and the Rotterdam Philharmonic.  The Lord of the Rings Ballet included performances by: Breathe Dance, Silhouette Dance, and Suspended Animation.

Concluding 2013, TYWO was invited to perform in Los Angeles at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.   During this tour, I was recognized for a clarinet solo in Phillip Sparke's Year of the Dragon. We also had the privilege of attending a workshop with Frank Ticheli for his piece that we performed onstage at the Disney Concert Hall: San Antonio Dances.   During this visit to Walt Disney Concert Hall, TYWO was also invited to record at the Clint Eastwood scoring stage at Universal Studios.  

Summary: University of Toronto Music

Performing with the  U of T Wind Symphony, introduced me to working with artists like Claudia Oliviera ( a member of Tambuco percussion recording Mexican percussion with four CD's for over 20 years)  and Howard Cable ( who has had a 70 year connection with the CBC) .  Howard is known for his arrangement of the Hockey Night in Canada theme song and has received the Order of Canada. We performed his works, Newfoundland Rhapsody and Ontario Pictures.

Also, during my University studies, I performed with the Steel Pan and African Drumming ensembles. I also performed with the  U of T clarinet ensemble that hosted a clarinet day with the Wychwood Clarinet Choir and the U of T clarinet professors. The program featured world renowned clarinet player, James Campbell.  My schooling at the U of T, also allowed me to record with renowned jazz clarinetist Phil Nimmons.


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