Colin's Focus as a performer now is to be a session a contracted performer for any media including Television and Games!
Colin's Focus as a Composer now is to Compose Music and Sound Effects for Video Games, Film and Television!

I am also available for hire as a DJ! My music is offerable in clubs.

To hire, visit Contact.

Colin Sandquist - Performing Biography : Clarinet / Saxophone

Performing Experience Since: September - 2004.


Colin James Sandquist has completed his undergraduate degree at University of Toronto for Music. Colin is foremost a Clarinet and Saxophone Player but

also plays Piano and Electric Guitar.   At the age of 17 Colin performed at Carnegie Hallwith the TYWO band, and went on to perform at Disney Hall, Los

Angeles.   He has performed alongside the Great Canadian Brass, Jens Lindemann, andbeen conducted by Frank Tichelli, Johan de Meij and Sam Hazo.

Hemost recently performed in R. Murray Schaffers: Apocalypsis during the Luminato festival, and was one of five clarinetists representing Musica

Reflecta. AfterLeaving the Toronto Youth Winds Orchestra, Colin went on to perform with the Kindred Spirits Symphony Orchestra as Assistant Clarinet

for the next Two years.

For Full Resume (2019) Click Here.

Colin Sandquist - Composing / Electronic Production Biography

Composing Since: October - 2014.


Colin began composing music part way through University at the age of 21 in 2014. Since then, Colin has amassed over 500 works including music in

Classical Scores, Video Games, Film and every permutation of music imaginable.  Colin has been a constant collaborator with the Sheridan College of

Animation having composed music to screen multiple times. Colin has also worked with the Canadian Music Centre and the Screen Composers Guild of

Canada for more classical oriented projects - from chamber to full orchestra. As a side artist, Colin has built on his own three artist names: Obersync,

Poly3ker and Swift Gorilla Thunder which outline his ability to write modern Electronic Music.

For Full Resume (2019) Click Here.

University Academics

 University of Toronto 
- Bachelors Degree in Music - Music Education (2016)

  Dr. G.W. Williams
- High School Diploma (2011)
- Honour Roll + Ontario Scholar (2007, 2009, 2011)                                                                                                             

Professional Awards / Honours / Commissions

Composition Awards

2011 - Entrance Scholarship University of Toronto Music Robin Elliot
2016 - Winner - Kindred Spirits Symphony Orchestra                                                           - Composer in Residence - Symphony No.2
2018 - Winner - U of T Symphony Orchestra  w / Screen Composers Guild of Canada              - Call for Scores - "Jane Dies"
2018 - Winner - Dunedin Music Society                                                                               - Call for Scores - "Astrovelofruits"
2019 - Winner - Atlanta Contemporary Ensemble                                                                 - Call for Scores - "Teslaclaw"