Hello and welcome to my Current and Past Performances!  Here is an entire breakdown, largely of classical performances I
have had in the last many years through such groups I have been associated with...

Instruments As Orchestra Performer: 1. Clarinet 2. Saxophone 3. Guitar 4. Piano
Instruments As Electronic Performer: Disk Jockey

Orchestra Performance Summary

Toronto Youth Winds Orchestra - 7 Years

I joined TYWO when I was 13 years old.    During my first year as a clarinetist in TYWO's Concert Winds ,  I performed at Toronto's Grace Church on the Hill with the Markham District High School.  When I performed at the Toronto Centre for the Arts, I drummed with the Dancers and Drummers Circle.  This was led by Adwoa Badoe -  who is an Award winning cultural artist and director of Jiwani African Drumming Troupe of Guelph.  The event also hosted dancers from Jay 9 and Swansea School of Dance.

My next performances with TYWO would happen during my second year, but  with the TYWO "Symphonic Winds".  We performed at the Glen Gould Studio, featuring Kathleen Mc Clean.  This began my musical relationship with the Symphonic Winds for the next three years with conductor Dan Horner.  Next, I performed at the Toronto Centre for the Arts, showcasing works of Sam Hazo.  Sam Hazo was invited to conduct the Symphonic Winds with a Canadian premiere of his work: Go! , along with his pieces Sevens and Today is the Gift, featuring the Bayview Concert Choir. 

TYWO then hosted a concert at Le Parc Banquet Centre in Thornhill.  Our show featured Heather Bambrick - winner of 2004 National Jazz Award for vocalist of the year.   For a third time at the Toronto Centre for the Arts, I had to the privilege to perform with the Great Canadian Brass.  The group at the time featured its two original creators (Gene Watts and Chuck Dallenbach), who began the group in 1970.  During the performance we premiered Manhattan Music by Bramwell Tovey. 

My next performance with Symphonic Winds, was conducted by composer Frank Ticheli.  He is a professor of composition at Southern Thornton School of Music and now teaches at UCLA.  His music has been played by the Atlanta, Detroit and Dallas Symphonies.  He has guest conducted his music at renowned Carnegie Hall, NY, London and Japan.  We had the privilege during this concert to perform a Canadian premiere of Ticheli's work (Amen!) with the West Elgin Senior Band. 

On a return visit to Toronto Centre for the Arts, we performed with our guest, Jens Lindemann.   He has had an astounding career as a trumpeter, and performed with Michael Buble at the Vancouver Olympic closing ceremonies. He has won Grammys and Juno Nominations and has played a solo command performance for the Queen of England.  On a personal note: during the solo trumpet performance of Carnival in Venice, he pulled his mouthpiece out of his trumpet and played more technically than I could play on clarinet! (at the time)  Its no wonder he is endorsed by the Yamaha Corporation.

Key Performances:

*Carnegie Hall [Two-Time]
*Disney Hall [Soloist]
*Toronto Centre For the Arts
*Glen Gould Studio CBC Building

University of Toronto Music - 4 Years

The University of Toronto Wind Symphony and Clarinet Ensemble has had a big impact on my last four years of university experience in performance.  I have been a part of the Wind Symphony for 4 years.  Conducted by grand - spirited Dr. Jeff Reynolds: whom has recorded with the Calgary / Hamilton Philharmonic and Royal Winnipeg Ballet.  He was also the director of the York region honor band where we first met in 2007 - 08.  Also Conducted by Tony Gomes - whom has been an examiner with the Bacculaureate organization and director of the Toronto Wind Orchestra. He is also past president of York / OBA wind conducting symposium and chair of music at Upper Canada College.

Performing with the  U of T Wind Symphony, introduced me to working with artists like Claudia Oliviera ( a member of Tambuco percussion recording Mexican percussion with four CD's for over 20 years)  and Howard Cable ( who has had a 70 year connection with the CBC) .  Howard is known for his arrangement of the Hockey Night in Canada theme song and has received the Order of Canada. We performed his works, Newfoundland Rhapsody and Ontario Pictures. 

Also, during my University studies, I performed with the Steel Pan and African Drumming ensembles. I also performed with the  U of T clarinet ensemble that hosted a clarinet day with the Wychwood Clarinet Choir and the U of T clarinet professors. The program featured world renowned clarinet player, James Campbell.  My schooling at the U of T, also allowed me to record with renowned jazz clarinetist Phil Nimmons.

Positions Held:

University of Toronto Wind Symphony: Principal 1st / 3rd Clarinet, * Solo E - Flat Clarinet
University of Toronto Clarinet Ensemble: Solo 4th Clarinet, * Paired with Wynchwood Clarinet choir and guest clarinetist James Campbell
University of Toronto Steel Pan and African Dancing / Drumming Ensemble

Kindred Spirits Symphony Orchestra - 2 Years

The Kindred Spirits Symphony Orchestra allowed me to play in a professional concert setting where I was reading my own parts solo.
Being an assistant principal I felt was just as challenging as the principal - more often as there was a plenty of duet writing for me to cover.
With this kind of training, I was more comfortable with writing for orchestra, getting a better sense of how orchestra music operated.
With under Maestro Alexander's Conducting, I was able to refine my abilities to become the best clarinet player I could be. It also gave me performance
confidence as a soloist and to one day play my own music as a soloist!

Performances By Year:

(2007 - 2011)

                                                                                        Concerts 2007 - 2011:
Conductors - Dan Horner, Sommer Butuu.
Performances WITH: Toronto Youth Concert Winds, Toronto Youth Symphonic Winds

Grace Church on the Hill - Featuring Markham High School Chamber Choir.
Toronto Centre for the Arts (Main Stage) - Dancers and Drummers Circle: Adwoa Badoe - Jiwani African Druming Troupe. Swansea School of Dance.
Glen Gould Studio CBC building - Kathleen McLean: Bassoon Soloist.
Toronto Centre for the Arts (George Weston Recital Hall) -  Sam Hazo  (Conductor), Bayview Concert Choir.  Canadian Premiere: Go!
Glen Gould Studio CBC building - Live broadcast on Radio
Le Parc Banquet Centre - Heather Bambrick: guest singer.  David Atkinson: Pianist.

Toronto Centre for the Arts (G.W.R.H.) - Great Canadian Brass: Chuck DallenbachGene Watts. Bramwell Tovey Canadian Premiere: Manhattan Music
York Region Provincial Enrichment Band - 2007 Salvation Army Jacksons Point: Dr. Jeff Reynolds
Ontario Provincial Honour Band - 2010 Dr. Colleen Richardson
Ontario Band Association -  Concert Band Festival Markham, 2010 (Gold) * Principal Clarinet
Orillia Today Stage - Beatles Celebration: *Solo Saxophonist tribute
Toronto Centre for the Arts - Frank Ticheli (Guest Conductor) Canadian Premiere: Amen!, West Elgin Senior Band
Toronto Centre for the Arts - Jens Lindemann (Guest Performer)

Joyful Noise Concerts (2007 - 2012): Each year TYWO would host a special Christmas holiday concert benefit for Sick Kids foundation.  These were held at both Le Parc Banquet Centre and St. Michaels college theatre for performing arts.

Performances (2011 - 2015)

                                                                                     Concerts: 2011 - 2015
Conductors - Colin Clarke, Jeff Reynolds, Tony Gomez
Performances WITH: Toronto Youth Winds Orchestra (TYWO)

St. Michaels Performing Arts Centre
Queensway Cathedral - Production Play Christmas Calender - Advent Calendar Ensemble, Earnscliffe Step Team (Baritone Saxophone)
Toronto Centre for the Arts - U.S. Army Herald Trumpeters, Belle D'Arte Singers,  Rob Teehan - Canadian Premiere: Toronto Fanfare
Carnegie Hall - Wichita State University
St. Michaels Performing Arts Centre - Adis Rodriguez, Rodrigo Chavez
St. Michaels College Centre for Performing arts - Jana Starling, James David - Canadian Premiere: Auto 66
Living Arts Centre - Hammerson Hall, John De Meij (Guest Conductor) for own production play - Lord of the Rings Ballet.
New Horizons Tower - Special concert grand re- opening * Solo Clarinetist
Le Parc Conference Centre - Heather Bambrick, John Watson, Heather Shaw, Trudeau Singers, Breathe Dance
Le Parc Conference Centre - Neal Pupulin, Marquee Theatrical Productions
St. Michaels College Centre for Performing arts
Walt Disney Concert Hall - Alongside Atlanta youth Wind Symphony, Gwen Wyatt Chorale *Solo Clarinetist. Frank Ticheli (guest Artist)
Clint Eastwood Sound Stage - Universal Studios
Performances WITH: University of Toronto - Wind Symphony / Clarinet Ensemble, University of Toronto Steel Pan / West African Dancing Ensemble

Edward Johnson Building
MacMillan Theatre (x16) - Claudia Oliviera, Great Canadian Brass, Howard Cable (guest Artist)
Walter Hall (x5) - None
Word Ensembles Music Concert - Frederick Dunyo (Drum / Dance Director), Joe Cullen (Steel Pan director),
Clarinet Day - Clarinet Presenter Ensemble: James Campbell, Michele Jacot,
Joseph Orlowski, Steve Pierre, Richard Thomson with the Wychwood Clarinet Choir


Performances (2015 - 2020)

                                                                                       Concerts: 2015 - 2020

Conductors: Anastasia Tchernikova, Kristian Alexander, Colin Clarke
Performances: Musica Reflecta, Kindred Spirits Orchestra, Toronto Youth Winds Orchestra / Metropolitan Winds

Musica Reflecta: (2015)

Sony Centre for Performing Arts - Toronto (x3 Performances): Apocalypsis - Murray Schafer (guest Artist) *Of 5 solo Clarinetists
Canadian Music Centre - Toronto (x3 Performances): Composer / Performer - Works hosted De Collage, Class AxeMusic From Scratch 
Performers: Rob Macdonald, Contact Toronto Music Ensemble, Hybridity Music Ensemble

Toronto Youth Winds Orchestra: (2015)

St. Michaels College Centre for the Arts - Halloween Concert: David Hetherington - Cello
St. Michaels College Centre for the Arts - Christmas Concert: Sarah Jeffrey - Oboe
Le Parc Dining hall - Annual Fundraiser Event
Toronto Centre for the Arts - Great Canadian Brass
Carnegie Hall: Issac Stern Auditorium - Toronto Youth Winds Orchestras Special 25th Anniversary Edition

Metropolitan Winds and UTSC community Concert Band: (2015)

Grace Church on the Hill
Toronto Centre for the Arts - Great Canadian Brass
Agincourt Collegiate Institute

Kindred Spirits Orchestra: (2015 - 2016) YEAR 1
Flato Markham Theatre for the Performing Arts - Markham (x6 Performances): *Associate Principal Clarinet -> B-flat, A Clarinets
(Guest Soloists - Anson Hui, Crystal Ye, Antonia de Wolfe, Rodney Gray, Leonid Nediak, Andrew Sords) *Hosted By Alexa Petrenko (Classical 96.3 FM Radio)

Markham Civic Centre - Markham: Special performance for Chinese Ambassador * Solo Clarinetist (With Kindred Spirits Orchestra)
Unionville Canada Day Celebration - Unionville Millennium Bandstand
Cornell Recital Hall - Markham
Glen Gould Studio at Canadian Broadcasting Centre

Kindred Spirits Orchestra: (2016 - 2017) YEAR 2
Flato Markham Theatre for the Performing Arts - Markham (x6 Performances): *Associate Principal Clarinet -> B-flat, A Clarinets 
(Guest Soloists - Michael Berkovsky, Conrad Chow, Andrew Ascenzo, Carrie Parks, Rachel Mercer) *Hosted By Alexa Petrenko (Classical 96.3 FM Radio) 

Unionville Canada Day Celebration - Unionville Millennium Bandstand 
Cornell Recital Hall - Markham 
Glen Gould Studio at Canadian Broadcasting Centre

Miscellaneous Music FREELANCER: (2015 - 2020)

Solo Clarinet - Film "If a Bird Cannot Swim"      Trailer for Film  
Solo Clarinet / Alto Saxophone - White Oaks Secondary School Musical - "Crazy for You"
Solo Clarinet - U of T Opera - "Prima Zombie"
Student Composers Concert No. 2 - University of Toronto - Clarinet Solos 1 , 2 , 3 by Colin Sandquist - Performed by Colin Sandquist
Cara Tors: [Clarinet] Podcast - From Straw To Gold (2019)