Hello and welcome to my Current and Past Performances!  Here is an entire breakdown, largely of clarinet performances I have had in the last many years through such groups I have been associated with...

Instruments As Performer: 1. Clarinet 2. Saxophone 3. Guitar (Beginner) 4. Piano (Intermediate)

About Past Performances

Toronto Youth Winds Orchestra - 7 Years

The Toronto Youth Winds Orchestra is a prestigious groups for rising musicians since 1991.  Their fantastically gifted music director Colin Clarke has been giving musicians like myself a great lift for musical knowledge. I have been with this group for six years, to whit I believe "the official first" to have participated in all three groups: Concert Winds, Symphonic Winds and Wind Orchestra.  I was awarded a 5 year honorarium for my contributions to the groups.  I have also been a part of the TYWO Alumni band for the past two years - where we performed at the Kiwanis band shell in Stratford.  I am hoping to return for a 7th upcoming year as a tribute to the TYWO's 25th anniversary.

Positions Held:   2007 - 2013, 2015 - 2016

Concert Winds: Principal 3rd Clarinet
Symphonic Winds: Principal 3rd and 1st Clarinet *Soloist
Wind Orchestra: Baritone Saxophone, Alto Saxophone and Principal 3rd Clarinet *Soloist

Key Performances:
*Carnegie Hall - Age 17
*Disney Hall - Age 19 *3rd Clarinet Solo
*Toronto Centre For the Arts
*Glen Gould Studio CBC Building

University of Toronto Music - 4 Years

The University of Toronto Wind Symphony and Clarinet Ensemble has had a big impact on my last four years of university experience in performance.  I have been a part of the Wind Symphony for 4 years.  Conducted by grand - spirited Dr. Jeff Reynolds: whom has recorded with the Calgary / Hamilton Philharmonic and Royal Winnipeg Ballet.  He was also the director of the York region honor band where we first met in 2007 - 08.  Also Conducted by Tony Gomes - whom has been an examiner with the Bacculaureate organization and director of the Toronto Wind Orchestra. He is also past president of York / OBA wind conducting symposium and chair of music at Upper Canada College.

Positions Held:

University of Toronto Wind Symphony: Principal 1st / 3rd Clarinet, * Solo E - Flat Clarinet
University of Toronto Clarinet Ensemble: Solo 4th Clarinet, * Paired with Wynchwood Clarinet choir and guest clarinetist James Campbell
University of Toronto Steel Pan and African Dancing / Drumming Ensemble

Kindred Spirits Symphony Orchestra - 2 Years

The Kindred Spirits Symphony Orchestra allowed me to play in a professional concert setting where I was reading my own parts solo.
Being an assistant principal I felt was just as challenging as the principal - more often as there was a plenty of duet writing for me to cover.
With this kind of training, I was more comfortable with writing for orchestra, getting a better sense of how orchestra music operated.
With under Maestro Alexander's Conducting, I was able to refine my abilities to become the best clarinet player I could be. It also gave me performance
confidence as a soloist and to one day play my own music as a soloist!

Past Performances By Year:

(2007 - 2011) Toronto Youth Concert Winds / Symphonic Winds

Joyful Noise Concerts (2007 - 2012): Each year TYWO would host a special Christmas holiday concert benefit for Sick Kids foundation.  These were held at both Le Parc Banquet Centre and St. Michaels college theatre for performing arts.