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1. Unstable (2018) - Global Game Jam #1 - David Kim (Art) Raheem Elsayegh (Coding) *First Game!* Composer
2. Catacomb Chess (2018) - Game: Woodsmoke (Julian Melerski) - Composer
3. Divers Choice (2018) - Game: The Oslaf - Composer
4. Astrons End (2018) - Game: Persona Differs -   Composer, Sound Designer
5. Falling (2018) - Game: The Oslaf - Composer
6. Sayre - Blob Tower (2018) - Game and Art: Gardreck - Composer
7. White Knight (2018) - Game: The Oslaf - Composer 
8. Witch's Memento (2019) - Game: Global Game Jam #2 - Sound Effects
9. Empty Nest (2019) - Game: Global Game Jam #2 - Composer

IN FILM - Indie

                                                                                           WITH SHERIDAN COLLEGE

2014 - 2018:

During the years of 2014 - 2018, I had the greatest opportunity to pair with many Sheridan College members, working on Short animations for their graduating study. Videos done by Sheridans multi- talented Tegann Dixon and Rachel Hand, Evan Keeley, Lawrence Addison and Rosemary Travale, Elise Bobet (...) as they give face to solemn stories that usually go unseen.  The films screened here were present at both the family day and industry day, where animations were viewed by members of animation studios Pixar and Rockstar entertainment!

1.Rosemary Travale and I'm the Champ: This was the very First project I had embarked on at Sheridan College with Rosemary.  In 2014 I had originally written a big band score but decided it would gel better with a hard core rock theme.  Combining this and the wrestler / kid takedown leaves some salty music humor I wanted to get out of the picture.  Combine this and the mothers shock on her face to me is absolutely hilarious! I had redone the music two years later in 2016, pulling together some crazy boisterous music. Please have a good laugh - this is one of my favourites!!!
Link: The Champ

2.Rachel Hand and 404:  Rachel's version is very similar I found In the way Tegann's represented their animated characters.  A girl is in a recovery ward (Room 404) is looking to get better, and receives help from her doctor.  I interpreted this video as a possible suicide from addiction to which death seems to watch over.  At the very end death comes back to haunt her doctor; something that surprised me and changed my viewing a little.  Was the doctor and the patient similar in that they both needed treatment? I thought the musical cues that represented their healing or demise seemed appropriate, as I was trying to get inside their minds.  I also kept this electronic rendition as continuous as possible to reflect all the movements that happen in this short story.  
Link: 404

3.Tegann Dixon and Peanuts: About a little girl that has a peanut allergy whom succumbs to it, rather than someone coming to her rescue.  This video to me gives a double meaning to high school life with those battling depression, and trying to get outside themselves.  The heartbeat sounds and the hand that reaches out for her as if to pull her away from it all really connected with me. I try to capture these moments in my electronic rendition by having the music swell and feel continuous. As for most students that need help and like a peanut allergy: its a struggle that doesn't go away.
Link: Peanuts

2015 - 2016: Sheridan College

4.Evan Sangster Keeley and Keepers Library:  I came back for a second year to work on a more different kind of light hearted comedy. This animation is a short between a cat being chased by a dog in a library.  They enter a whole new dimension and change worlds from a pirate island to a graveyard!! The result is hysterical, in which the dog doesn't end up catching the cat. The music changes within three different scenes as for extra musical cue practice rather than a continuous flow.  I decided to do this to keep the listener on their toes with the changing feelings the dog receives in his journey - which ends up a disaster!
Link: Keepers Library

5.Lawrence Addison's Running:  Another animation I had worked on during 2015, my interpretation of the music and the connection between the kid growing up hit close to home. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is stop. I've tried to outrun myself since high school but can't seem to quit - I run until my brain feels numb and I'm just too tired to think. I keep this steady musical pulse that doesn't go away in the animation precisely for this reason.  For me running has no end cycle, and I tried to emulate both the attachment of growing up and the love between father / son. 
Link: Running

2016 - 2017: Sheridan College

6.Elise Bobet's Breadland:  I wanted to do a project that could resemble a sort of sly humor combined with typical horror tropes but displayed in a comedic effect. I'd already done this before with Keepers Library, but was looking to perfect my talents. I've been trying to use better sounds and figure out a way to make the sound more realistic. I feel this has been on of my best musical experiments yet. It was a lot of fun lining up the cues and giving the characters a "small tune" for each of them in their own way.  Little three or four note themes are repeated and I tried to do the most I could with a short space of time.  All in all, A blast!!!
Link: Breadland

7.Sarah Goran's Spare Change: Unfortunately I had something to say about this piece but accidentally. But From my memory this was a fond experience of mine - the first time I felt truly proud of getting the emotions out of the cat and getting the emotions to shine from the said underdog. I wish I could say more - I wanted to get the strings a bit more lively along with percussion too.....
Link: Spare Change

2018 [FINAL YEAR]: Sheridan College




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