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If you are looking to hire me for a Classical Score; Film or Video Game project and are looking to inquire more about my rates:

Please fill out the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible! Rates Cards are Below.


I am also Hirable as a Performer (DJ and Classical Performer: Saxophone and Clarinet).


*Please note your

1. Budget
2. Professional or Indie Company (Solo Company)
3. Time allotted for Project
4. Plan on Use (Action Film, Commercial Etc.)

*I DO NOT write for content with Lewd, Illicit, or Topical Material. If you are Unsure - Please Ask.


I will respond to all questions including general inquiries within 1 - 2 weeks. 

I will send you my rates sheet. Any contract must be payable by Cheque (See Rates Address) or Paypal Below.




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