Hello, I am very interested in continuing to get my Sheet music Performed at live events or recorded.
Let me know about the event and where you would like to perform my work! If these tracks do not interest you,
I would be happy to commission a musical piece to your specifications.
If you are interested in discussing a project or hosting some of my sounds, please feel free to contact me under contacts

All Performances of Works

Performance Date / Location:                  Performers:                                       Work Performed:

Dec. 15th, 2014 -  Canadian Music Centre                      Rob Macdonald - Solo guitar                                                                        Open Sea (2014)
Jun.  18th, 2015 -  Canadian Music Centre                     Christien Ledroit + Contact ensemble                                               Out in the Distance (2015)
Dec. 05th, 2015  -  University of Toronto                       Adi Braun - Piano + Colin Sandquist - Voice                                               Merry Down! (2015)
Jan.  24th, 2016 -  Canadian Music Centre                     Hybridity Ensemble                                                                     Turnspin + Downspin (2015)
Apr.  10th, 2016 -  University of Toronto                        Aaron Cheung, Cole Canaday, Jordan Vermes                                     The Horse Fiddler (2015)
Apr.  30th, 2016 -  Frederic Banting Secondary               London Encore Band * Score Reading                                                           SMT 30 (2016)
Feb. 14th, 2017 -  Cornell Recital Hall                            Kindred Symphony Orchestra  * Score Reading                                   Symphony No. 2  (2017)
Nov. 21st, 2017 -  Walter Hall                                       Colin Sandquist - Clarinet Soloist                                          Book of Clarinet Solos 1 - 3 (2016)
Feb. 07th, 2018 -  Revolution Sound Recording                U of Toronto Symphony Orchestra  *Recording                                    Jane Dies Film (2017)
Mar. 07th, 2018 -   University of Toronto                         Cecilia String Quartet * Score Reading                                   The Bat against the Rat (2017)Aug. 18th, 2018 - Dunedin Community Center                Dunedin Music Society                                                                          Astrovelofruits (2018)
Jun. 07th, 2019 -  Out Front Theatre Company                 Atlanta Contemporary Ensemble                                                                 Teslaclaw (2018)

Live Recordings - Composition

Live Performances - Composition

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