Composing Services [Film/TV/Video Games/Sound Design]

Hi There:

If you are looking to hire me for a Classical Score; Film; Video Game project
and are looking to inquire more about my rates: Please message Contact Me Here.

I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Here are some Template Examples below We can Fill out as per necessary.  

Project Proposal Template  

*Please note your:

1. Budget of the Project
2. Professional or Indie Company (Solo Company)
3. Time allotted for Project.
4. Plan on Use (Action Film, Commercial Etc.)

*I DO NOT write for content with Lewd, Illicit, or Topical Material.  If you are Unsure - Please Ask.


1. I will respond to all questions including general inquiries within 1 - 2 weeks.
2. Any contract must be payable by Cheque or Cash.
3. I no longer Accept Paypal or money transmitters. I accept E-Transfers.




PS. I am open to passion projects - please do connect about your goals and what you seek
that I can add value to. I can speak by phone or in person to open up a discussion.

As a member of the Screen Composers of Canada Guild, you can read about the endorsed rates here.

Rates: Session Performer and Teaching

                     Session and Teaching Rates - Performer [Film / Television / Game Recording] 

As Clarinet / Saxophone Session Performer + Teacher: 
$60 Per Hour *Includes any Rehearsal In Session* Negotiable as applicable. 
$7 - 20 Dependent on Length of Travel Fee 

As DJ Session Performer: 
*Inquire about Event Venue Through Contact. 
*Rate Negotiation Will be By The Day.